Scream Blue Murder: an action-packed thriller (English Edition) par Tony J. Forder

Scream Blue Murder: an action-packed thriller (English Edition) par Tony J. Forder

Titre de livre : Scream Blue Murder: an action-packed thriller (English Edition)
Date de sortie : November 8, 2017
Auteur : Tony J. Forder
Broché : 320
Éditeur : Bloodhound Books

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Tony J. Forder avec Scream Blue Murder: an action-packed thriller (English Edition)

Do you love fast-moving and utterly gripping crime thrillers? Pick up this breathless, action-packed thriller today!

Mike Lynch is going through hard times. But things get much worse when he witnesses a murder in a lay-by. Snatching the victim’s car in order to get away, Mike soon makes a shocking discovery - the victim’s young daughter and her nanny are hiding in the rear footwell. This is when the real trouble begins.

Mike wants to go to the police, but the nanny, Melissa, wants to delay until the daughter, Charlie, is somewhere safe. Mike agrees to this request before finding out the seriousness of the situation, and just how much danger they are really in.

Who exactly was the man he saw murdered? And who is the man he saw pulling the trigger?

In a situation where nothing is what it seems, Mike will have to fight for his life to protect a woman and a child he doesn’t know. And when the death count rises, he will discover what kind of man he really is.

When you can’t identify the victim, how can you find the killer?


What readers are saying:

"Forder didn't spare the horses when writing Scream Blue Murder. This book rockets along, a breathless action-packed ride. Perfect reading for fans of Simon Kernick and Jeff Abbott." Matt Hilton, author of the Joe Hunter thrillers

“An action-packed, twisty thriller. Great stuff.” Mason Cross, author of the Carter Blake thriller series

"This was a heart in mouth, adrenaline-fueled thriller that set off at a relentless pace and just kept going!!" Steve Robb - BookieWookie

"Wow!! What can I say I was totally addicted from the prologue." Jill Burkinshaw - Books n All

"This is an extremely well written, action-packed book. With great opening scenes to set up the plots." Alexina Golding - Bookstormer

"Holy Moly you are in for the ride of your life with Scream Blue Murder. It begins with a bang and just doesn’t relent." Alison Daughtrey-Drew - Ali - The Dragon Slayer

"From the very beginning of the prologue, this book grabs your attention and doesn’t release it until the very end." Simon Leonard - Black Books Blog

"From start to finish its a fast-paced thriller. The twists and turns were unpredictable and had me ranting on my kindle." Philomena Callan - Cheekypee Reads And Reviews

"Tony J. Forder has written a complex plot which will delve deep into the darkest corners of your mind..." Diane Hogg - Sweet Little Book Blog

"Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for a brilliant rollercoaster ride of a story!" Rachel Broughton - Rae Reads

"This is a great story that will keep you up late rushing to the end. I loved every moment of this book and can’t wait for the next book from Tony Forder." Jessica Bronder - JBronder Book Reviews

"A fantastic, well written, suspenseful and spine-tingling novel, which left me finishing the book with my hand over my mouth in shock. Absolutely brilliant." Kaisha Holloway - The Writing Garnet

"It has memorable characters, is addictive from start to finish, with great plots and twists and is well written." Yvonne Bastian - Me And My Books

"It's  a book that puts the thrills into a thriller, dark, intelligent, intense and highly recommended." Karen Cole - Hair Past A Freckle

"If you enjoy thrillers with corruption, violence and plenty of action, then this book is definitely for you as it has it all and more." Debbie Binnersley - My Eclectic Reads

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